"Don't worry, be hippie"
Alexis, 1995.
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  • I don’t know why I’m keeping myself awake
    I guess I associate sleeping with thinking
    So much time to think when you’re in the dark and it’s quiet and you’re alone
    So alone
    That’s the problem, really
    Being alone
    That’s what I’m scared of and it’s what I’m trying not to think about and it’s what I’m trying to avoid and it is what is most inevitable right about now
    I don’t trust him any more.
    He did, or almost did, something he said he’d never do.
    Two things
    Leave me and hurt me
    A break, same thing as leaving
    And hurt me, definitely
    I don’t trust him any more and I didn’t believe him when he said things would get better
    I didn’t believe him when he said it,
    When he wiped my tears
    When he kissed me
    Or when he said I love you.
    I just can’t believe anything any more

    20 April, 2014


cell phone service


    I want to vomit

    18 April, 2014

    why am I still doing this

    18 April, 2014

    im tired

    exhausted actually

    and sad. 

    so sad. 

    i’m letting my mind get the best of me. just thinking too much about the situation. 

    he wanted me gone. but yet he didnt? 

    i keep telling myself he doesn’t want me. i keep convincing myself that i’m going to lose him. 

    for a long time ive been preparing myself to be alone. it almost happened. 

    parts of me are moving on. im finding interest in other people. i’m filling the lonely hours with other people. 

    it wont be long now.

    18 April, 2014





the principal at my school made an announcement yesterday that the girls need to start covering up and then i found this in the hallway

should i post this all over my school because damn

its not even “female body parts”
its leg
leg is body part
boy have leg
girl have leg
animal have leg
fish dont have leg
but its okay
because axolotl have leg
is axolotl leg over sexualised
can axolotl not wear shorts
i think axolotl can wear shorts if axolotl wants

this is why sometimes i hate tumblr. the principal is not publicly shaming girls for wearing shorts, his/her intent is obviously not to embarrass her. its just fucking because NO PERSON of ANY GENDER should wear indecent clothing to a young person’s PUBLIC school. if guys started wearing shorts so short you could see their butts, the school would do the saaame thing to them. why do you have to cry about every single thing ever? just chill