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baby no don’t eat your tail

    talked to Neil again today. I found pics of jt that looked just like him and it was so funny so I sent it to him. of course it was an excuse to talk to him. I was only worried that he wouldn’t respond at all. that’s the worst. knowing a person sees a message and still ignores it. but he responded and we had a nice convo. it didn’t last long which was okay because I had to go shopping for my dorm and idk I didn’t really have anything else to say to him- I just wanted to show him that picture.
    it made me happy to talk to him. I’m also happy to say I didn’t really feel anything. it’s just through text so it doesn’t really mean anything anyway. but. idk. it just wasn’t like how it used to be. like when we were together or after we broke up, texts would make my day or ruin it but these were kinda just. texts. idk how to explain. I’m just in a good place right now.

    30 August, 2014



    Have any of you heard


    of subculture practised in


    Botswana, Africa?


    It’s a heavy metal subculture


    that some describe as


    "Cowboy Metalheads"












    (I found out about them because of this cracked article)

    This shit is awesome.

    30 August, 2014



This regenerative candle creates a new candle as it melts. 

This is brilliant

    I was thinking of asking to see you this weekend. it would be the last time I could before I move in. but just thinking about it made me start sobbing. not in a bad way at all, just like. I would be so overwhelmed and so happy if I got to see you id just cry and hug you forever. and I don’t want that to be how it is when I see you again. maybe a little of that, but if the crying I’m doing now is only a portion of what I’d do if I actually saw you, then it’s not okay… lol

    29 August, 2014

    it just reminded me how happy we used to be. it was so happy and good and perfect. until it wasn’t.
    and I could see from the more recent messages how unhappy it became
    and it made me remember how I felt in the end. I was always sad. I missed him all the time. it’s good it ended. I guess. ugh.

    27 August, 2014

    like it just sucks because every conversation we’ve ever had through text was there. I never deleted those (until now). like. every single one.

    and now i have nothing to look back on. I know it was the best thing to do, and its good that i did it. but ugh.. i’m just thinking about everything we’ve ever said and i’m so sad that i can’t look at it any more.

    and i’ll forget everything that’s there.  which, again, is probably better.

    but ugh its so fucking hard to let go. 

    27 August, 2014

    finally deleted all the messages from neil. it was the last thing i had left of him. All the pictures are gone, all his stuff is packed away. that was the last thing. all his words..

    I sat in the bathroom and cried reading them first. 

    it was so sad. i was able to scroll through the last few months so quickly, because there was barely anything there… Lots of me saying “i miss you” lots of him saying “i’m sorry” and lots of excuses from him that i didn’t realize until afterwards were just excuses. lots of messages just from me, not so many from him. 

    and then as i scrolled more.. lovely ones. Ones of him telling me how much he loves me, how he never could imagine being with anyone else, so many beautiful messages. They were all probably true when he said them. They’re just not true any more. 

    I know it was better to delete them. I was holding onto words whose meaning were empty now. 

    Hopefully that’ll be one of the last steps to moving on. 

    There’s nothing to look back at now. 

    27 August, 2014