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Alexis, 1995.
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  • wow i miss real kisses. like ones with meaning and feelings and emotion behind it. like not one because you think youre supposed to and not one thats just for lust and not one that leads to something else. just a passionate kiss, maybe even a makeout. but… you dont find that at a college party.

    20 October, 2014

A black crow attacks one of the Pope’s white doves.

    being with Neil has made me raise my expectations for other men in so many ways. he was literally perfect and I can accept that we’re not together any more but holy shit I’ve raised the bar so much because of him. no one should treat me any less than how Neil treated me. like a motha fuckin princess. and I never even asked him to. he just did it on his own. bless him. he’ll make any girl happy.

    20 October, 2014


I left my jacket in my friends truck and when I got it back this was left in the pocket. You are so beautiful I wish I could spend every minute with you and I miss you every minute that I’m not I could spend years  telling you all the  things I like about you So I’m just gonna say in our solar  system there’s 9 planets, 204 countries, 809 islands, 7 seas,  and I have had  the privilege to meet you You to me are  1 in 7 billion and theres no one else  Id rather spend time with than you
*sidenote*I’m really sorry for  all the stuff that’s been happening  lately



That gazebo is so fucked



    imagine how it wouldve been if me and neil were in a longer relationship and still broke up. 

    or if you are with anyone for years and years and it ends. how do you even recover? neil was just a speck in comparison to what my whole life is, and its torture getting over him. imagine how much worse it couldve been though

    but imagine finding a person that you stay with forever. what bliss. to actually be that fucking happy for the rest of your life. 

    17 October, 2014


Advice from the 6 bus

    this birthday kinda sucked. I mean. people here just don’t know it’s my birthday and idk. I didn’t celebrate, I spent all day in classes, tried to go out and it was pretty dull.
    I kinda hoped that Neil would talk to me today and say happy birthday but he didn’t. he probably just forgot about it and didn’t see it on Facebook. that’s fine I guess but. *sigh*. I had hopes. I miss him so much.
    I want to talk to him so badly but I’m always afraid that it’ll make me sad to and I know that I wouldn’t be able to see him any time soon just because of how busy I am and how busy he probably is. ugh I just miss him.
    I’ve met so many people here and I wish I could just move on but my feelings for him are really holding me back. I don’t need closure. I need to get over it. but that’s fucking hard.

    17 October, 2014



“Only slightly larger than metal coins, Peewee is the smallest hamster Worldwide weighing less than one ounce, this hamster stopped growing when she was three weeks old.”


    it’s my birthday and I’m sad and I miss Neil.

    16 October, 2014